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JLAS article that is best Prize

‘The JLAS Best Article Prize is granted to your writer of a great paper posted when you look at the Journal of Latin American Studies from the preceding volume year. The winner that is current Willie Hiatt, writer of Slapstick Diplomacy: Charlie Chaplinis the Great Dictator and Latin American Theatres of War.

Journal of Latin American Studies gift suggestions recent research in the area of Latin American studies in development studies, economics, geography, history, politics and international relations, public policy, sociology and social anthropology. Regular features consist of articles on modern themes, brief thematic commentaries on key dilemmas, plus a considerable element of guide reviews.

Virtual Special Issue: Cold War in Latin America – Introduction by Tanya Harmer

This digital unique problem highlights some of this exciting instructions that scholarship regarding the Cold War in Latin America has taken within the final ten years.

Virtual Special Issue Collection: The Cold War in Latin America

ladies in Uruguayan Communism: Contradictions and Ambiguities, 1920s–1960s
Drug Wars: Revolution, Embargo, plus the Politics of Scarcity in Cuba, 1959–1964
The Forgotten reputation for the Chilean Transition: Armed Resistance Against Pinochet and United States Policy towards Chile within the 1980s
Whom but a lady? The Transnational Diffusion of Anti-Communism among Conservative Women in Brazil, Chile in addition to united states of america through the Cold War
The black Side of Social want: Violence as Metaphor, Fantasy and Satire in Argentina, 1969–1975
The Genesis and Internal Dynamics of El Salvador’s individuals Revolutionary Army, 1970–1976
Intercourse, Gender additionally the generating of this ‘Enemy Within’ in Cold War Argentina
Academic Tv in El Salvador and Modernisation Theory*

JLAS Podcasts: In Spanish and English

Los editores de JLAS se reunieron durante la conferencia de LASA en Barcelona que se llevo a cabo en mayo de 2018. Conversaron sobre el proceso de evaluacion de articulos, el tipo de articulos que solemos publicar, y algunos de los errores que los autores deberian evitar al preparar sus articulos. Grabamos esta conversacion y la puedes escuchar en castellano aqui.

The editors of JLAS got together to talk about the journal’s review process, what kinds of articles we are looking for, and what are some of the common pitfalls for authors to avoid at the 2018 LASA congress in Barcelona. We recorded this conversation, and you will think it is right here in English.

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