Which newspapers to refer for CSE?

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Ideally, The Hindu is the most suitable newspaper for the aspirants. It covers issues extensively with reformative approach. However, most of the times they are over critical of government and system following an idealistic approach. Here candidates need to judge the situations putting their own opinions in a balanced manner. Remember they need candidates who can be a part of the solution for future.

Other is “Indian Express” , this is also a good paper infact issues are covered in a detailed manner even more than Hindu, many aspirants seem to be following this paper too. I would rather be conservative here and go with “The Hindu”.

TV Shows :

Some of the popular channels are:

  • The Big Picture – Rajya Sabha TV
  • India’s World – Rajya Sabha TV

Many other programs at Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are popular. Bit stick to these for now. Fortunately, the recorded version is readily available on YouTube updated almost on daily basis. Students can go for selective approach here.

Now comes the most important part here:How to follow them regularly?

A good student should make their own notes regularly devoting 1.5-2 hours on an average.This should include everything that includes) reading and notes both. Be precise here and jot down the important points. If the issues or articles are lengthy then Students can file the articles – subject – wise & issue-wise for future reference and revision. Do mark and highlight the points here in a meticulous manner.

Complement it with secondary sources : Apart from following these one can also go for selective reading of magazines and online E-resources and collate them properly.

Simultaneous Revision :Apart from following the above process , revise the notes and articles regularly. Also develop your own thought process on major issues covered here in gist form and update it regularly.