Why should I waste time in IAS preparation when I can become an entrepreneur?

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  • Why should I waste time in IAS preparation when I can become an entrepreneur?
  1. Several IAS quit to become entrepreneurs, but the reverse ain’t true.
  2. Entrepreneurs in west are celebrated for bringing prosperity to their economy, not federal agents & are deemed the real change agents.
  3. Indian IAS is the most corrupt bureaucracy in Asia.
  4. Shitty treatment by politicians?

Being a entrepreneur and pursuing Civil Services are both service to the nation. In fact every one contributes to the nation in some or the other way. However, one should be more concerned about one’s own personal preference, areas of interest and love for the work. Let’s analyze the role of both :

Entrepreneurs are the guiding lights of the nation, they innovate, create and set the transformation for the future. The progress in the society or development of the humankind can be attributed to some inspiring people who invented and led the change. Similarly, new age entrepreneurs are also doing the same, if we talk about start ups like uber, ola or unacademy i. e. free learning initiative they are doing something either to organize market, facilitate free learning and set the new benchmarks.

Civil Servants are the harbingers of hope and change in the society. They ensure positive and desired change through development process especially in a country like India which is still entrenched in ills of poverty, unemployment, uneven stratified society, caste system and patriarchy. Change can be brought through social legislation, awareness and literacy. As society is empowered i. e. especially weaker sections, it not only facilitates growth but also brings equity and social justice. And here no one is better equipped to bring such change than Civil servants. We have examples for e. g. recently in Aurangabad District in Bihar the District Magistrate Kanwal Tanuj ensured the job of a cook in a midday meal scheme as she was suspended from her job because of her caste. Mr Tanuj ate the cooked meal by her along with his team of people and also suspended the officials involved. We can find numerous such examples where Civil servants are silently doing service to the society.

Similarly we have ilks of Roman Saini who left their job i. e. IAS to work for his passion. His Unacademy initiative is making its mark silently. So we have examples of IAS turned entrepreneur too.If you really feel that deep down taking a detour to innovate and create something out of the box is the calling then go ahead. It will certainly be an uphill task but again entrepreneurs are different league they are the futures only hope. They not only create ideas but jobs, economic growth and development of a culture of curiosity and enterprising attitude. So take a plunge and be the change you wish to bring.