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Daily Mains Practice Questions

Date :- 4th October, 2018

​1. ” Climate justice is about safeguarding the rights and interests of the poor and marginalised sections of society, who are often the biggest sufferers from the menace of climate change.” Discuss.
In harmony with mother nature
2.  Examine the reasons why despite many initiatives from successive governments the condition of India farmer remains dismal.
Farmer beneficiaries msp​​

Date :- 1st October, 2018

1. “In today’s world, the influence of a country depends largely, and indeed primarily, on the strength of its economy, which enhances its role in and contribution to regional and global trade, investment and economic progress.” Elaborate this statment by emphasizing how India needs to achieve a stable and effective balance of power across South East Asia.
Beyond South Asia Indian foreign policy
2. “Parliament alone can legislate on laws for clean politics.” Discuss.

Date :- 26th September, 2018

1. What role did India played in liberating Palestine from Turkish rule during world war 1.
2. “Aadhar being declared constitutionally valid ends the speculations surrounding it & makes sure that it can function without
infringing on the privacy of citizens.” Elaborate this statement with the recent SC judgement on Aadhar.

Date :- 24th September, 2018

1. “The Rule of law is a pre requisite for a happy society.” Elaborate this statement in light of a multicultural country like India.
2. “Ayushman Bharat (AB) is an attempt to move from sectoral and segmented approach of health service delivery to a
comprehensive need-based health care service.” Examine how this ambitious plan aims to bring a paradigm shift in healthcare in

Date :- 20th September, 2018

1. “Frequently taking the Ordinance route can amount to the subversion of parliamentary process which is not a sign of healthy
democracy.” Discuss.
2. “Malnutrition figure in India are worse than those of Sub- Saharan Africa despite India being a fast growing economy.” Discuss
the crisis of malnutrition and suggest ways to remove it.
Malnutrition in india kuposhan mukt bharat aanganwadi asha workers anm

Date :- 19th September, 2018

​1. “Businessmen, politician nexus has undermined state’s independence & promotion of public goods.” Suggest steps that needs
to be taken to check this unholy nexus.
2. “Nepal which has always been friendly with close cultural ties, of late, seems to be drifting away from India.”  Discuss

Date :- 14th September, 2018

1. “If farmers are to be paid remunerative rates, the best way to do it is not through distorting but by liberating the markets.”
What steps do you suggest to liberate the agricultural market in India which has been suffering since colonial days?
2. Tourism remains one of the main stays of Indian economy. What steps do you suggest to boost the tourism potential?

Date :- 13th September, 2018

1. Discuss the provisions of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (Prevention
and Control) Act, 2017.
Health Ministry issues a notification for bringing the HIV/AIDS Act, 2017 in force
2. “Divyang-Friendly Measures need to be Integrated at Planning Stage for Ensuring Inclusive Growth in Smart Cities in
India.” Analyse.
Divyang-Friendly Measures need to be Integrated at Planning Stage for Ensuring Inclusive Growth in Smart Cities in India: Hardeep Puri

Date :- 11th September, 2018

1. “India has made a conscious effort to break out of the anti-colonial and Cold War attitudes that crimped India’s
engagement with Europe.” Analyse this statement with emphasis on the current regime.
2. What role can women group farms play in rejuvenating rural livelihood. Examine by emphasizing the flood hit state of
Kerala where livelihoods have been distorted.

Date :- 10th September, 2018

1. Examine the potential that the handicraft sector holds for employment generation.
2. “The India-U.S. relationship shouldn’t be allowed to define India’s geopolitical character, strategic future or the limits of
its other bilateral relationships.” Analyse.

Date :- 7th September, 2018

1. “Judiciary has a role in making the Constitution a living document through dynamic and purposive interpretations.
The constitution must transform society for the better – at the heart of transformative constitutionalism lies a pledge,
promise and thirst to change Indian society so as to embrace the ideals of justice, liberty., equality and fraternity. ” In the
light of this statement discuss the Supreme Court’s ruling over section 377.
2. What is COMCASA? Will it help India to become a terror insulated country? Analyse.

Date :- 5th September, 2018

1. What do you understand by 2+2 dialogue? What role India has to play in the changing scenario in Afghanistan?
2. Will a global ‘no first use convention’ on nuclear weapons as proposed by India bring more peace to the world or
render the deterrence of nuclear weapons futile? Examine why should India stick to the nuclear ‘no first use’ doctrine.


Date :- 4th September, 2018

1. “Mere existence of difference doesn’t imply discrimination, but is indicative of a robust democracy.” Examine this
statement with reference to the Law Commissions’ view on Uniform Civil Code and reforming the family law.
2. Examine the reasons for the high rate of school drop outs. What steps do you suggest to check it?


Date :- 28th August, 2018

1. “South Korea can be an indispensable partner of India in its Act East Policy in the Indo-Pacific region.” Elaborate.
2. “The effectiveness of MSP for addressing price decline would depend on how effective the system is for managing
the supply demand imbalances.” Exaplain.

Date :- 27th August, 2018

1. Critically examine the utility of second chamber in the States.
2. Highlight the measures taken to check criminalization of politics and analyze how far those methods have helped
in resolving the issue.

Date :- 24th August, 2018

1. Examine the relevance of Article 35A.
2. Elaborate on the capability of LWE to resurrect. Despite having an upper hand, Goverment of India cannot afford
to be complacent regarding Naxals. Discuss.

Date :- 22nd August, 2018

1. What roles can State Finance Commissions play in building regional equality?
2. “Crisis in rural areas today is actually one of too much agriculture.” Elaborate this statement and suggest remedies
for rural distress.

Date :- 21st August, 2018

1. Examine the shortcomings that Indian intellegence agencies exhibit in anticipating religious terrorism. What steps
do you suggest to counter it?
2. Critically examine Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Suggest some measures to effectively implement Swachh Bharat.

Date :- 15th August, 2018

1. Examine the reasons why the core goals of the Constitution still remain distant, is the practise of democracy through
popular representation making the achievement of these goals more difficult?
2. ” India’s growth rate may even be the highest in the world economy. Nevertheless, it falls short of our potential.”

Date :- 13th August, 2018

1. “Despite people’s faith in the police becoming precarious, the pace of police reforms is dismal.” Comment
2. “As China expands its borders far into international waters, transforming the Indopacific region’s strategic
landscape, it is important for other countries to take measures to avoid Chinese hegemony.” Analyze.

Date :- 9th August, 2018

1. “The apprehensions surrounding Aadhar are ill founded and it remains a safe and secure public utility.”
Truth fears no trolls
2. Will the digitisation of land record help in resolving the issues related to land reforms? Analyse.
Opinion: The need for digitizing land records in India

Date :- 8th August, 2018

1. How is seniority decided in the SC? What does the Collegium consider while making the recommendation?
Justice joseph seniority row supreme court judges appointment
2. “The new world order will be shaped by nations that take a lead role in technological innovation.” Explain.
India needs to get its tech act together

Date :- 7th August, 2018

1. Explain the various stages of rock cut architecture in India with special emphasis on Kailasa temple of Ellora.
In cave 16 the kailasa temple
2. “Contrary to our fond belief, India’s culture and family values do not necessarily ensure that the elderly are taken
care of after they have outlived their utility, particularly women.” In light of this statement analyze the impact of nuclear
families on status of elderly women.
India is no country for older women

Date :- 30th July, 2018

1. ” We are a long way from achieving the ambitious target set in 2010 of doubling the global tiger numbers by 2022.” Examine.
International tiger day we need new age tiger champions 5281375
2. “India has brought down HIV incidence, but it must do more in removing social stigma.” Analyse.
Tackling HIV

Date :- 24th July, 2018

1. “Delhi cannot match the resources that Beijing has deployed in Africa. But it cannot ignore gap between promise
and performance in its engagement.” Elaborate.
Raja Mandala: Trailing China
2. “Laws are the only tools at our disposal for a just and equitable society. Parliament must pass Trafficking Bill,
Criminal Law Amendment for safety of minors.” Examine.
A Law For Children

Date :- 19th July, 2018

1. The ‘greenfield’ experiments in higher education face significant challenges in India. Elaborate.
The tough road to academic excellence
2. “Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill-2018 needs further contemplation.”
Activists oppose draft anti-trafficking Bill
The Bill broadly has the following features

Date :- 17th July, 2018

​1. “USA is compelling India to rethink its longstanding foreign policy assumptions — and not not just those that
Delhi adopted after the Cold War.” Analyse.
Raja Mandala: India and Trump’s world

2. “India needs to relook at the overly harsh provisions of the Companies Act to govern business better.” Elaborate.
Overdue correction


Date :- 16th July, 2018

1. “The constant repair and renewal of constitutionalism is prime function of adjudication.” Elaborate
A constitutional renaissance
2. The Supreme Court of India is presently hearing a clutch of petitions to strike down Indian Penal Code Section 377,
which criminalises same-sex relations between two consenting adults in private. Do you think that Section 377 of the
IPC should be scrapped? Why or why not?
Beyond Section 377

Date :- 12th July, 2018

1. “In its drive towards sustainability and energy security, India must ensure an awareness of better cooking fuel
choices.” Elaborate
A clean cooking strategy: driving towards sustainability
2. “Discuss the necessity of electoral reforms. Will simultaneous elections be a step in the direction of electoral
reforms? Analyse.
Poll position: on electoral reforms beyond simultaneous elections

Date :- 11th July, 2018

1. India needs strategic cohesion to take on the changing world order. Analyse.
Living in uncertain times
2. There can be other tools than MSP to tackle the farm distress. Examine.
Partial PDPS: Whither agricultural price and procurement policy?

Date :- 5th July, 2018

​1. “An elected government cannot be undermined by an unelected administrator.” Discuss this statement in light
of the recent SC ruling regarding the administration of Delhi
How To Rule Delhi
Marking The Boundaries
2. Police reforms remain one of the overdue reforms yet it has been delayed for more than a decade. Examine
the importance of transforming Indian police from Ruler police to people’s police.
Towards a people’s police​​

Date :- 4th July, 2018

​1. “India has been successful in eliminating extreme poverty and is quickly moving to become a middle-income
nation rather than a poor one.” Elucidate.
India’s Post Poverty Challenge
2. “US India bilateral ties have started to decline.” Analyse.
U.S. postpones 2+2 dialogue with India​​

Date :- 3rd July, 2018

1. “India is on track for the fastest pace of poverty reduction in the last 5 years.” Elaborate. 
India is middle income now: Raise the poverty line
2. Is Globalization a force in retreat? Analyse. 
Globalisation in retreat​​

Date :- 2nd July, 2018

​1. The Indian farmer continues to suffer because of the structural issues. Examine the Indian farm crisis and
suggest solutions.
Target incomes, not prices
2. “India has to walk a tight rope in West Asia and it must not compromise on its national interest despite the
hardening approach of USA.” Analyse.
India’s Iran test​​

Date :- 27th June, 2018

1. Role of bureaucracy in a democracy has always invited debates. How far do you agree that the role can still be
significant in the times when mantra happens to be ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’ elucidate giving
India needs a new IAS
2. Suggest a way forward on how the 15th Finance Commission should proceed and what factors should be taken into
consideration before it gives its recommendations.
Uniquely placed

Date :- 26th June, 2018

1. With China’s attempt to woo Nepal on its side, India needs to reaffirm its commitment towards Nepal.Analyse.
No zero sum game
2. Unlike the bureaucracy in the earlier decades since independence, the civil service today faces complex challenges
and operates in a very different milieu. examine the challenges and suggest the possible remedies.
Has the IAS Failed the Nation?
Is India’s steel frame rusting?


Date :- 16th June, 2018

1. India has witnessed rapid urbanization which has caused congestion of our cities. What in your opinion can be the
possible steps that should be taken to decongest the cities.
Decongesting our cities
2. Of late, there are several incidences of popular protest turning violent in India. What do you think is the reason for
this sudden surge in violence? Suggest possible solutions.
The changing nature of violence



Date :- 13th June, 2018

​1. Discuss the pros and cons of simultaneous polls in India
Polls Are Best Kept Apart
2. The historic summit between USA & North Korea has the potential to change contemporary geopolitics. Discuss.
Historic handshake — on Trump-Kim summit​​


Date :- 12th June, 2018

1. “The proposal of lateral entry is aimed at bringing in fresh ideas and new approaches to governance and also to
augment manpower”
What does an IAS officer bring to the table that regular mortals can’t?
A modest proposal to improve governance
2. “There is an undeniable direct link between the Kashmir insurgency on the one hand, and India-Pakistan dialogue,
maintenance of the ceasefire agreement, terrorist infiltration into J&K and terrorist violence in Kashmir on the other”
The story of two ceasefires

Date :- 11th June, 2018

1. Examine the role of Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad in India’s freedom struggle.
Shri Piyush Goyal launches “Rail Madad” – An App to expedite &streamline passenger grievance redressal
2. Examine the bottlenecks in India’s universal electrification programme. Suggest the possible solutions.
Universal Electricity Access

Date :- 9th June, 2018

1. The Indian economy is moving along a lower growth path. Discuss this statement emphasizing the reasons for lower
An unexceptional economic performance
2. India has been working on building an end-to-end, holistic scientific ecosystem. Examine the various schemes and
policies of the government which have led to an overall improvement in status of science, technology transfer &
Indian Science & Technology takes strides towards leadership position during the last four years

Date :- 8th June, 2018

​1. “India USA relationship is flagging for a number of reasons” Examine this statement with the latest bilateral
development between India & USA.
No longer seeing eye to eye?
2. “To curb defection & abuse of power by governor, anti-defection law must disqualify a traded horse for 6 years.
Governor’s discretionary powers be replaced with clear guidelines based on Sarkaria Commission.” Analyse this
statement in the context of recent political imbroglios caused due to fractured mandate.
Karnataka leftovers​​

Date :- 6th June, 2018

1. “The functions of the Governor shall be to lubricate the machine of the government, to see that its wheels are going on
well by reason not of his interference, but of friendly co-operation.” In the context of this statement examine the relevance
of the office of Governor.
Governance and the Governor
2. Critically examine the new proposal for the allocation of services and cadres for Civil services.
A blow to civil service ideals
Mending The Frame

Date :- 5th June, 2018

1. “The functions of the Governor shall be to lubricate the machine of the government, to see that its wheels are going on
well by reason not of his interference, but of friendly co-operation.” In the context of this statement examine the relevance
of the office of Governor.
Governance and the Governor
2. Critically examine the new proposal for the allocation of services and cadres for Civil services.
A blow to civil service ideals
Mending The Frame

Date :- 1st June, 2018

​1. “No country is more affected by China’s assault on the Himalayan ecosystems than India. India must speak up on China’s
environmental onslaught before it is too late.” Analyse this statement and suggest what India’s plan of action should be.
China’s actions threaten the fragile Himalayan ecosystems, India must speak up before it’s too late
China’s actions threaten the fragile Himalayan ecosystems, India must speak up before it’s too late
2. NITI Aayog has recommended that the government take recourse to lateral entry at all levels of administration. Examine
the potential impact of this process
A bureaucracy for our times​​

Date :- 25th May, 2018

1. What is green economy?  Why should  India seek to publish green GDP figures? Comment.
Natural capital in the 21st century
2. Despite the provisions for agricultural loans, the small and marginal farmers are unable to reap the benefits of such
provisions. Examine.
How agri credit is missing those who really need it


Date :- 24th May, 2018

Q1. ” In India there has been an unhealthy symbiosis between politicians and civil servants. They have come to share a
mutually beneficial relationship, at the cost of subaltern classes.” Suggest some measures to imropve the accountability
of civil services.
The Shaky Frame
Q2. ” The three organs of the state are like three chains that hold the structure of the state together, if one chain slackens,
then another needs to take the strain.” Analyse this statement and do you think that the anguish about the tussles between
the executive and the judiciary is misplaced? Give reasons.
Keeping each other on edge

Date :- 23rd May, 2018

1.”Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to address shortfalls in the healthcare industry.” Elucidate this statement
giving contemporary examples.
The health-tech of tomorrow
2. China’s military work and intrusions in Himalayas have attracted attention but not its large-scale mining near the
India border for precious metals. Such mining threatens to contaminate transnational rivers and turn Himalayas into
“another South China Sea.” Examine the threat perception China exerts on Himalayan rivers.
How Chinese mining in the Himalayas may create a new military flashpoint with India?
How Chinese mining in the Himalayas may create a new military flashpoint with India?


Date :- 22nd May, 2018

Q1. Is there something India and Pakistan can learn from the unfolding prospects in the relations between Seoul
and Pyongyang? Or the areas of conflict between the two Asian countries differ from that of the two Koreas? Examine.
Refer: Raja Mandala: Lessons from Korea
Q2. There are good reasons why India should be at the forefront of the digital revolution but the bottlenecks are
too many. Analyse.
Refer: Preparing for India’s next telecom revolution


Date :- 21st May, 2018

Q1. Marx envisioned a world free of inequality and injustice. Explain the contemporary relevance of Marxism.
Refer: Marx, The Humanist
Refer: Three things Karl Marx got mostly right
Q2. The 7,000-km International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) to Europe via Moscow and Iran, that is
India’s planned counter to China’s OBOR initiative is facing a major hurdle. Discuss.
Refer: India and China jostle for influence in Iran and Central Asia 

Date :- 19th May, 2018

Q1.Can the cold relations between Iran & Pakistan result in more rapid re approachment between India and Iran?
Refer: The friend of my enemy
Q2. “The current approach to mitigating climate change fails to account for the energy sector’s depletion of
water resources. “ Substantiate why countries must make energy choices that are not only less carbon-intensive,
but also less water-intesive.
Refer: Making Water-Smart Energy Choices



Date :- 18th May, 2018

Q1. India – China relations must be managed through a mix of competitive and cooperative policies and regular
leadership level interaction. Analyze.

Refer: The Wuhan window

Refer: When India and China meet

Q2. The recent attempt to bring an impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India seems to be short
on content? Discuss.

Refer: Judicial quicksand


Date :- 12h February, 2018

Q1. Indian ocean and south Asia is vital for India for its economic as well as national security.
In this context discuss how can India become a net security provider in the region?
Refer: “A Pivot in Asia”
Q2. What are the reasons of recent crisis in Maldives? What role India can play to create
stability in Indian ocean atoll.
Refer: “Turmoil in Maldives: What India Must do?”

Date :- 10th February, 2018

Q1. Enumerate the impact of climate change in agriculture. What are the measures do you
suggest to make agriculture more climate resilient.
Refer: “Climate change may hit the farm income”
Q2. What is fiscal consolidation? What are the reasons for increased fiscal deficit in the year
2017 – 18?
Refer: “Fiscal deficit may see only a slight slippage”

Date :- 09th February, 2018

Q1. Research and innovations are crucial for any economy to remain competitive. In this
context discuss the importance of higher investment in research and development.
Refer: “India’s spending on science below economic capacity”
Q2. Agriculture is considered as low profit high risk occupation. How climate change can hit
the farming badly?
Refer: “Climate change may hit the farm income”


Date :- 08th February, 2018

Q1. On what ground is prevailing MSP mechanism in agriculture being criticised ?  How does
recent initiatives to fix MSP at ‘Cost Plus’ basis addresses the concern ?
Refer: Budget.
Q2. What do you mean by ‘Feminisation’ of agriculture ? Discuss the relevance of gender
specific interventions in Agriculture.
Refer: “Farm Sector sees ‘feminisation’ says survey”


Date :- 07th February, 2018

Q1. Turtles have their own role to play in Marine ecosystem. Discuss the efficacy of integrated
conservation measures to protect turtles and in maintaining marine ecological balance.
Refer: A turtle recovery plan.   


Date :- 06th February, 2018

Q1. In the light of New Afghanistan Policy of USA, discuss the role of India in stabilizing
Refer: Afghanistan, on a slow fuse.
Q2. What are the areas of cooperation between India and ASEAN. Discuss the obstacles in
early conclusion of RCEP.
Refer: The arc to South East Asia.


Date :- 02nd February, 2018

Q1. Bring out the provisions of Motor Vehicles (Amendment ) Bill 2017. Discuss the efficacy
of this bill to reduce number of road accidents.
Refer: Making our roads safe.
Q2. Global economic slowdown is now in a broad based recovery mode. In this context discuss
the impact of monetary stimulus to boost world economies.
Refer: A Risky Recovery.

Date :- 24th January, 2018

Q1. Do you think deteriorating relations between USA and Pakistan have potential to
destabilize whole South Asia and if yes then discuss the implications for India ?  
Q2. Discuss the possible areas of cooperation between India and Israel. In the context of
Palestinian issue bring out the measures that India can take to balance its relations in
West Asia.
Refer: “On A New Keel”

Date :- 22th January, 2018

Q1. USA’s new approach towards Pakistan will have implications for rest of south Asia. Comment
Refer: “Signs of a geopolitical Whirlwind”

Date :- 18th January, 2018

Q. Discuss how a sound food security policy for India is dependent both on procurement and
distribution policies. In this background what are pros and cons of introducing cash transfer
in public distribution system?
Refer: “Following the Grain trail”

Date :- 17th January, 2018

Q1. Aadhaar project can make decisive impact on the future of governance in the
country however its design and its implementation raises many questions. Comment
Refer: “Enabling a form of supersurveillance”  
Q2. Price fluctuations in agricultural produce is one of the many reasons for the
backwardness of agriculture. In this context discuss the necessity of a sound
agricultural policy.
Refer: “Problem of Plenty”


Date :- 15th January, 2018

Q1. Accountability in school education system is necessary to achieve the United
Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4. Discuss.
Refer: “It Takes a Village” {The Hindu}
Q2. Critically examine why India’s higher judiciary has strong resisted the RTI? Also
examine consequence of such resistance.
Refer: “Information at Court’s Discretion” {The Hindu}


Date :- 9th January, 2018

Q1. Forests and Rivers are integral to each other and closely connected with lifeforms.
Discuss the impact of decreasing forest cover on the ecology of river.
Refer: “Forests don’t do trick for rivers” {The Hindubusinessline, 8 January 2018}
Q2. Power sector has undergone significant changes in last decade but still there are
many challenges exist. What are those challenges and suggest the measures to overcome them?
Refer:  “Right power sequence is key” {The Hindubusinessline, 9 January 2018}
Q3. Recent advance GDP growth rate suggest that all is not well with Indian economy.
Bring out the challenges Indian economy facing currently.
Refer:  “Not in a Sweet Spot” {The Hindubusinessline, 9 January 2018}


Date :- 8th January, 2018

Q1. Electoral bond scheme can not fix problems related to political funding. However
it is a step forward. Discuss.
Refer: “An Anti Corruption Bond” {Indian Express, 06 January 2018}
Q2. Recent steps by Russia challenged west in global power politics. In this context
discuss the problems India faces in balancing its foreign policy with global powers.
Refer: “Unsentimental Ties” {Indian Express, 06 January 2018}


Date :- 5th January, 2018

Q. National Medical Commission Bill recently sent to standing committee for detailed
scrutiny. Critically examine the provisions of National Medical Commission Bill.
Refer: “Better Late” {Indian Express, 04 January 2018}


Date :- 4th January, 2018

Q1. Bring out the reasons for increasing number of mass violence cases in the country.
Discuss with at least two examples.
Refer: “Anxieties of dominant” {Indian Express, 03 January 2018}
Refer: “Unreasonable Demands” {The Hindu, 06 September 2016}
Q2. What do you mean by “fiscal consolidation” ? Why is it considered very important for
sustained economic growth ?
Refer: “On the Ledger” {The Hindu, 03 January 2018}


Date :- 3rd January, 2018

Q. Enumerate the features in Constitution of India that speak about secularism. Also discuss
the necessity of secularism in Indian society.
Refer: “Understanding Secularism in Indian Context” {The Hindu, 2 Jan 2018}


Date :- 2nd January, 2018

Q1. What do you mean by Swaraj of Gandhi Ji ? Discuss the relevance of Gandhi’s Swaraj in 
21st Century India.
Refer: “On another New Year’s Day” {The Hindu, 1 January 2018}
Q2. India is energy scarce and import dependent country. In this context suggest the measures
to make India a energy self sufficient nation.
Refer: “An Energy agenda for 2018” {Indian Express, 1 January 2018}  


Date :- 30th December, 2017

Q1. Maoist attacks are considered as greatest security threat to India. In this context discuss
the reasons for increasing Maoism in the country and what are the measures do you suggest
to tackle Maoism?
Refer: “Tackling Maoism” {The Hindu, 26 December 2017}
Q2. What are the reasons for declining importance of WTO? Discuss the steps that India can
take to make WTO more equitable organisation.
Refer: “The Rise and Fall of the WTO” {The Hindu, 26 December 2017}
Q3. There are many recent events that damaged India – China relations. What are they? Also
discuss the measures to promote stability in India – China relations.
Refer: “On The Line ” {The Hindu, 26 December 2017}


Q4. What are the provisions of Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act, 2016? Discuss the
importance of scientific national plan to expand green cover.
Refer: “Growing Forests” {The Hindu, 29 December 2017} 



Date :- 26th December, 2017

Q1. Mention the advantages of cultivation of pulses because of which the year 2016 was declared
as the international year of pulses by United Nations. {IAS 2017, 10 Marks}
Refer: “Fixing the Pulse deficit” {The Hindu, 8 July 2016 }
Q2. Rising pulse prices is the one of the major reasons for food inflation in India. In this context
discuss the role of government policies to provide maximum benefits to the farmers and also
reduce food inflation.
Refer: “Missing The Pulses” {The Hindu, 23 December, 2017}
Q3. GST is considered as ‘Good and Simple Tax’ and it will be the instrument in creation of ‘one
nation one market’. However there are still many concerns persist. Discuss.
Refer: “GST a work in Progress” {The Hindu, 22 December, 2017}


Date :- 22th December, 2017

Q. Recently released ‘national security strategy document’ of USA government provides immense
opportunities to India to deal with uncertainties of a new global order, but India should be wary
about being drawn too tightly into US security embrace. Discuss.
Refer: “Wait and Watch” {The Hindu, 21 December}
Refer: “In Trump’s World” {Indian Express, 21 December}


Date :- 21th December, 2017

Q1. Terror and terrorism is now a universal phenomenon and there is pragmatic change in practice
of violence. Discuss why intelligence agencies failed to prevent various terror attacks all over the world?
Refer: “Seeing Through a glass darkly” {The Hindu, 20 December}
Q2. What is e – way bill, recently introduced in GST regime. What are the measures do you suggest
for smooth shift to e – way bills.
Refer: “Transit Gambit” {The Hindu, 20 December}


Date :- 19th December, 2017

Q1. Globalization has increased economic growth and raised standards of living all over the world.
However There is also a dark side of globalisation. Comment.
Refer: “Crisis of Globalisation” {18 December 2017}
More Reading: “Dark side of globalisation” {10 January 2011}
Q2. In a multi – party parliamentary democracy of India, intra-party democracy is missing. Do you
agree, also highlight the issues regarding functioning of political parties in India?
Refer: “The question of intraparty democracy” {18 December, 2017}


Date :- 18th December, 2017

Q1. What are the reasons for high level of non performing assets of the banks? Also elaborate on steps
taken by RBI and Government to tackle problems of NPAs.
Refer: “Changed Priorities” {The Hindu , December 16}
Q2. What are the issues between developed and developing countries in WTO negotiations? In this
context discuss the strategy India should adopt to further its interests. 
Refer: “Stalemate at WTO” {The Hindu , December 16}


Date :- 15th December, 2017

Q1. The Islamic State may have lost its captured territory, but it still exist and now posing even greater

threat to global community. Comment

Q2. There are increasing instances of unethical practices in health sector. In this context discuss the
need of patient centric laws and institutional capacity to ensure better healthcare.


Date :- 14th December, 2017

Q. What is “Constitutional Morality”? Why a proactive and representative government is essential to
protect and propagate the constitutional morality?
Refer: “Human Rights and Indian Values” {The Hindu, December 13}.


Date :- 13th December, 2017

Q1. Air pollution is now one of the biggest public concerns in India. Discuss how remodeling our energy
mix can prevent India becoming a gas chamber in near future?
Refer: “For Clean air, India needs a policy leap” {The Hindu, 12 December}
Q2. Access to regular and quality power supply is crucial for improved health outcomes. Discuss the
importance of solar – powered systems to provide better healthcare services in rural India.
Refer: “Powering Rural Healthcare” {The Hindu, 12 December}

Date :- 12th December, 2017

Q1. Increasing ‘Protectionist Mindset’ in some of the developed countries and growth of regional trade
groups putting multilateral groups like WTO under threat. In this context discuss the major issues
between developed and developing countries.
Refer: “Crunch Time at WTO” {The Hindu, 11 December}
Q2. Crisis in Korean Peninsula reflect the major failure of international diplomacy and now nuclear
assertion of North Korea is a threat to global peace. According to you what are the steps should be taken
to prevent further nuclear escalation?
Refer: “A game of Chicken in Korean Peninsula” {The Hindu, 11 December}
Q3. Discuss how recent issues deteriorated bilateral relations between Nepal and India? What is the
importance of soft power in rejuvenating the bond between two countries.
Refer : “Virtues of soft power ” {Indian Express, 11 December}


Date :- 11th December, 2017

Q1. Indian economy is going through a phase of slowdown, but the recent GDP growth number is a welcome
sign. However there are still many concerns persist. Discuss.
Refer: “Getting Back on Track” {The Hindu, 8 December}
Q2. What is NALSA 2014 Judgement? Bring out the features of Transgender Persons
(Protection of Rights) Bill.
Refer: “Rights and Wrongs” {The Hindu, 9 December}


Date :- 7th December, 2017

Q1. ‘Low conviction rate’ is considered as major reason for increasing number of crimes in Indian society.
In this context discuss the reasons for low conviction rates in Indian criminal justice system.
Refer: ‘Of crime and Punishment’ {The Hindu, 6 December}
Q2. Discuss the strategical significance of Chabahar Port developed by India in Iran.
Refer: ” Afghan Overture” {The Hindu, 25 September}
Refer: “India Raising The Stakes with Chabahar” {The Hindu, 25 May 2016}


Date :- 6th December, 2017

Q1. What do you mean by “future contracts trading”. Do you think ‘Agri – futures’ can change the status of
agriculture in India ?
Syllabus: Economics, Paper – 3.
Refer : “Agri – Futures, Like China” {Indian Express, 5 December}
Q2. Cyclone Ockhi recently caused heavy damage to property and human life off the Kerala coast. In this
context discuss the importance of “quick response system” in disaster management.
Syllabus: Disaster Management, Paper – 3.


Date :- 5th December, 2017

Q1. China’s strategy to construct dams and divert water from Brahmaputra River can have security and
downstream ecological implications for India. Discuss the Strategy that India needs to adopt to counter China
in Brahmaputra river Issue.
Refer: “The Brahmaputra conundrum” {The Hindu, 4 December}
Q2. Crimes against women are increasing in Indian society. Bring out the reasons for increasing number of
crimes against women and what are the measures do you suggest to reduce crimes against women ?
Refer: “Capturing Crime” {The Hindu, 4 December}


Date :- 4th December, 2017

Q1. “America First” policy of USA and now it’s more ‘reluctant superpower’ status creating a power vacuum in
Asia. Discuss the steps that India can take to emerge as a powerful leader in the region.
Refer: “Scripting another Asian narrative” {The Hindu, December 2}
 Q2. Increasing number of road accidents are now became a epidemic in India. What are the reasons for
increasing number of road accidents in India ?
Refer: “Accident Prone” {The Hindu, December 2}


Date :- 2nd December, 2017

Q1. There is huge gender gap in economy, polity and even in education in India. Bring out the importance of
bridging the gender gap in mentioned areas.
Refer: “Burried in ranking din” {Indian Express, 1 December} 
Q2. What do you mean by “Rohingya Crisis”. As a regional power in South Asia, India can not afford to remain
silent on the issue. In this regard what are the steps that India can take to resolve the crisis ? 
Refer: “Such a Strange Silence” {The Hindu, 1 December}


Date :- 1st December, 2017

Q1. Globalization has increased India’s GDP manifold and it has also reduced poverty by almost half since 1991
economic reforms. However it has not been immune from criticism. Discuss.
Refer: “Globalisation in retreat” {Indian Express, 30 November}
Q2. What is “Net Neutrality”. Why is it considered as essential for Indian economy to become more innovative,
competitive and knowledgeable economy.
Refer: “Open, equal internet”   {Indian Express, 30 November}
Refer: “A Neutral Internet”   {The Hindu, 30 November}
Refer: “The Road to an Open Internet”   {The Hindu, 30 November}

Date :- 30th November, 2017

Q1. Education is considered as opportunity leveler in any society and it also breaks inter – generational
transfer of poverty. Discuss why Right to Education Act failed to provide quality primary education in India ?
Refer: “Rethink School education” {The Hindu, 29 November}
Q2. Ports and oceanic trade accounts for about 95% of our overseas trade. Bring out the major problems
of our ports and how project “Sagar Mala” can be a game changer ?
Refer: “Not  Yet Custom – Made” {Indian Express, 29 November}


Date :- 29th November, 2017

Q1. What is “Strategic Partnership”. Discuss the relevance of ‘Quad’ in preserving peace and stability in Indo
– Pacific region.
Refer: “The wind in India’s Sails” {Indian Express, 24 November}
Q2. Constitution of India is much more than the fundamental law of governance. Do you agree ?
Refer: “A nation’s conscience” {Indian Express, 28 November}

Date :- 27th November, 2017

Q1. What is China’s grand strategy to become a global power and to increase its international influence ? Also
discuss the efficacy of India’s responses to growing influence of China in South Asia.
Refer: “Smart balancing China” {The Hindu, 27 November}


Q2. Bring out the salient features of recently enacted Insolvency and Bankruptcy code. How can this code help
banks reduce their Non Performing Assets ?
Refer : “Resetting the Bar” {Indian Express, 24th November}
Refer : “Messy Fix ” {The Hindu 27th November}


Q3. What are the major objectives of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code ? Also critically analyse the recent
amendments to the act.
Refer : “Resetting the Bar” {Indian Express, 24th November}
Refer : “Messy Fix ” {The Hindu, 27th November}   

Date :- 25th November, 2017

Q1. There is a increasing convergence and divergence of disease burden among the states in India. Discuss
the need of Integrated Health Management System in India.
“States of healthcare”


Q2. With increasing threats of terrorist activities and radicalization in south Asia and particularly in India,
there is no room for complacency, India must revamp its security architecture, reform and rejuvenate police
forces. Do you agree ?
“Lest 26/11 come”

Date :- 24th November, 2017

Q1. India is aspiring to become a global power in 21st century, however there are many reality checks. Discuss.
“The Hungry Nation”


Q2. Turning learning into action and outcomes is perhaps the greatest challenge in education. In this regard
many argue that Industry – Academia connect is the way forward. Comment.
“Partnership of Ideas”