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IAS Edge offers a unique and tested pedagogy for all the genuine aspirants. We as a team envisage the success and career path through our experience and care. Since the numbers of seats are limited, you must work smartly to succeed. Holistic preparation requires intrinsic motivation, love for the work, building thought process, linguistic abilities and persevered effort. IAS Edge, will help you in every possible way to make you fit for your most important decision of your life, your career and provide you the requisite EDGE.


  • Pramod Singh (Course Director)
  • Arun Chaturvedi (B.Tech. , MBA)
  • Amit Singh (B.Tech. , 4 times IAS Mains Qualified)
  • Neeraj Patel (IIT)
  • Saeed Khan (B.Tech.)
  • Arun Sharma (IIM Bangalore)
  • Meenakshi Upadhyay (IIM Bangalore)

IAS Edge

At this stage of your life, you are at the cusp of a very critical decision. You have, perhaps already taken one – the decision to prepare for Civil Services Examination(CSE) and to be a part of the "Steel Frame of the nation". As you start considering your options about the institute you would like to join which will help you prepare for the exam in the best possible way, we would like to take this opportunity to share our knowledge with you about the CSE preparation process.


  • Pushpendra Mishra

    Mentor Mr. Pramod Singh is a person of extraordinary calibre and has the ability to involve the students in a meaningful way in his class lectures. He is a one man army and his words can be believed with closed eyes. He has a "to the point" approach to teaching GS subjects and has very good command over his subjects. He always encouraged us to ask questions and was available for contact beyond scheduled timings. He is a true coach and deserves accolades.
  • Harsh Kanchan

    Was a pleasure to study under Pramod Sir's guidance. Sir took personal pain to be in touch with all his students and track their progress. The manner in which he simplified complex concepts and answered all our queries while motivating us was unparalleled.
  • Honey Gupta

    After joining the class I have met Pramod sir who conducts most of session subject and issue wise and then I starts getting clarity over the subjects and how to link it with current issues and key words, for that I am extremely thank full to sir for making concepts easy and highly precise.
  • Vinay Singh

    IAS Edge especially Pramod Sir has been a pillar of support throughout the journey of my preparation. His approach towards answer writing skills and interview guidance had helped me to crack the competition.
  • Kushagra Pathak

    Sir's immense support, discussions, brain storming sessions have been instrumental in my journey towards the final goal. Loved his approach where he doesn't create unnecessary hype about the competition and makes this journey approachable and enjoyable.